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Number 4: Cologne’s landmarks | Wahrzeichen der Köln

Hohenzollernbruecke, Koelner Dom, Rhein, Koeln, Cologne, Germany

Once a Roman colony whose Latin name would give the city its modern name, Cologne (Köln) has always been influenced by its proximity to the Rhein river. It’s understandable that the two key landmarks to the German city are (1) a bridge over the Rhein and (2) a cathedral whose spires dominate the city’s landscape. There’s no better place to view the landmarks than from the eastern flank of the Rhein near the Messe exhibition-convention complex at Deutz, particularly at dawn or dusk. Köln is one of the five places I highlighted in my post about visiting UNESCO World Heritage sites in Germany.

I made the photo above on 6 January 2013. This post appears on Fotoeins Wide at


3 responses

  1. Great photo. I was just in Cologne a few days ago and took a similar photo of this iconic scene (Also have one on my blog from a previous visit). Stay tuned next week for the post!

    26 July 2013 at 1200 UTC

    • Hi, Mark. I’m a big fan of your photography, and I like how you go through and describe your photographs. Thanks for reading and for your comment!

      18 September 2013 at 2323 UTC

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