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Number 14: Prague’s autumn morning glow

Dawn, autumn, Museum Kampa, Kampa, Petrin hill, Prague

There’s a reason why it’s called “the golden hour”, the time after sunrise when early-morning light covers everything in a warm glow. Looking up the sunrise time for Prague in early October, I arrived at Charles Bridge in time for the morning “fireworks”, as Petřín hill already dressed with leaves’ changing colours would slowly light up in the morning fire. Few were on the bridge at 730am; more trickled in over time, and by 9, the bridge was full of people. I wrote about “The colours of fall in Prague” in a post here.

I made the photo above on 7 October 2009. This post appears on Fotoeins Wide at


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  1. Prague is so gorgeous in the fall. I was there this time last year. I’m feeling nostalgic for Czech Republic now haha.

    4 October 2013 at 1655 UTC

    • Hi, Nikki. I just stopped by your blog: best wishes to the completion of your BA, and it’ll be another step closer to you to go back to the Czech Republic! I’ve been to Prague too many times to count, and even with my last visit this past July/August, the city is still as fresh and beautiful as she was the first time I met her, even amidst summer and high-season. I still have to go back and visit some people in Plzen and Brno, but somehow I seem to stick (mostly) to Prague! 🙂 Thanks for reading and for your comment!

      4 October 2013 at 1729 UTC

      • I was in Prague in July as well. But, I left rather early in the month. Yeah, events in my life seem to push be back into Prague every few months or so. Perhaps early next year I’ll have to be there for something again.

        4 October 2013 at 1733 UTC

      • Nikki, I think it would’ve been hilarious had we been in Prague at the same time. I was attending a week-long travel-writing course in late-July/early-August. I really believe that if you want something bad enough, you’ll find a way to achieve that goal. 🙂

        4 October 2013 at 1742 UTC

      • Where did you find out about the travel writing conference?

        4 October 2013 at 1807 UTC

      • Nikki, I found about the course through a tweet/retweet. Transitions Online is based in Prague and they focus on socio-economic and political issues in Central and Eastern Europe. They also provide workshops on journalism; one of these may be of interest to you and get you back to Prague. 🙂

        4 October 2013 at 1820 UTC

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