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Number 16: White tops in the Chilean Andes

Cerro Pachon, SOAR, observatory, telescope, Andes, Chile

Over a five-year period, I lived in north-central Chile where I worked at the international astronomical Gemini Observatory. Part of my responsibilities included nighttime-observing of a few nights in duration at the Gemini South telescope which is situated in the lower-Andes. Along the same ridge on which Gemini South sits is the SOAR Observatory, whose telescope appears in the photo above. Both telescopes are on Cerro Pachon at a height of 2800 metres (about 9000 feet) where the view and sunsets are spectacular. In the background to the east are mountains forming the north-south spine of the Andes where Chile and Argentina meet.

I made the photo above in late-winter on 2 August 2008. This post appears on Fotoeins Wide at


2 responses

  1. Lovely as always, H!

    18 October 2013 at 1703 UTC

    • Hi, Michelle. You’ve been up top at Pachon, and seen this view lots, too!

      18 October 2013 at 1904 UTC

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