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Number 19: Eye on history – The fall of the Berlin Wall

Berliner Mauer, Berlin Wall, Niederkirchnerstrasse, Berlin, Germany

On 9 November 1989, the Berlin Wall fell, marking the beginning of the end for the “Iron Curtain”. A part of my childhood was met with the tacit understanding that some truths would always remain. One of these “truths” was the divide between East and West in Europe, manifested so visibly in the Berlin Wall. While many books and films have chronicled lives and events, it’s still difficult to imagine what life was like “on the other side” before the fall of the Wall. I wrote about the Wall’s 50th anniversary in 2011 here.

I made the photos above at the wall fragment on Niederkirchnerstrasse (across from the Topography of Terror) in Berlin Mitte on 18 March 2011. This post appears on Fotoeins WIDE at


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  1. zof

    great shot!

    8 November 2013 at 0733 UTC

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