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Number 45: On board Hamburg’s 62 Elbe river ferry

Port of Hamburg, Elbe river, HVV 62 ferry, Germany

Public transport in Hamburg includes ferries across the Elbe river, providing convenient service to residents and visitors on both sides of the river. On board (HVV) ferry 62 from Landungsbrücken south to Finkenwerder, passengers not only get to see some of the leafy well-to-do western suburbs, but also activity at the Port of Hamburg, Europe’s second largest port (by number of container units moved through the facility).

2014 marks the 825th anniversary for the Port of Hamburg, commemorating the charter approved by Emperor Frederick (the First) Barbarossa in May 1189, abolishing customs duties for all ships on the Elbe river from Hamburg to the North Sea, and paving the way for the birth and early development of the city’s port.

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Number 44: Blooming beauty in Bavaria’s Bamberg

Geyerswoerthsteg, Altes Rathaus, Regnitz river, Bamberg, Germany

In the northern Bavarian town of Bamberg, the Geyerswörthsteg footbridge over the Regnitz river provides a great view of the Altes Rathaus (Old Town Hall). A beautiful spring or summer day illuminates the 15th-century town hall with its reds, yellows, and creamy whites. There are likely plenty of flowers on the footbridge to provide a beautiful and colourful counterpart for your photographs and memories of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Number 42: Where the Danube, Ilz, and the Inn converge

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Number 40: Sunset silhouettes at Hamburg’s Sandtorhafen

sunset, silhouette, Sandtorhafen, Hamburg, Germany

The width of the Elbe expands as the river approaches its mouth at the North Sea. In Hamburg, the Elbe is sufficiently wide and deep that a port has had a presence here for centuries. At Sandtorhafen, the last rays of sunlight provided a great background upon which the port’s cranes, the bridge, and people crossing the bridge made great silhouettes.

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Number 33: Lovelocks over the Rhein in Köln

Love locks, Hohenzollernbruecke, Koeln, Germany

Some say it’s ugly, and some say it’s sweet; there’s little middle ground when it comes to this public evidence of new love or endless love. Across the south side of a major railbridge over the river Rhein in Cologne are thousands of “love locks” or Liebeschlösser. Couples come here, secure a lock to acknowledge their devotion to each other, and throw the key over and into the river. You can see more photos of these locks here. “Aus lauter Liebe” is the title of the 2011 album by the Cologne-based band Klee, and translates roughly as “from a sonorous love.”

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